We love talking about our botanicals and what it does to the flavour of our gin, but this particular one also does so much more. We have mentioned the positive environmental impact of the hemp plant in previous writing, but this week, lets dive into a bit more of the detail around this plants capacity to reduce carbon footprints.

Let’s rewind first and remind ourselves of the mechanism of
atmospheric global warming which represents a growing and real threat to our
farmers, our wildlife and the delicate atmospheric global equilibrium we all
depend on.  

The atmosphere consist of a multitude of gases, but when we consider atmospheric impact and global warming, the two principle gases are Carbon dioxide and Nitrous oxide. These are powerful greenhouse gasses that trap solar radiation in the atmosphere leading to the warming of the planet. This warming is leading to melting glaciers, rising sea levels and increasingly frequent severe weather events, dying forests and wildlife losing their habitats.

Carbon dioxide is released as we power our modern
lifestyles, consuming fossil fuels and releasing CO2 as the inevitable
end product. Much of the nitrous oxide is created through industrial
fertilisers used in intensive farming practices.

So where does the hemp plant come in to help and provide a solution?

Hemp begins to capture this CO(a process known as sequestration) as soon as the seed is sown in the ground. The positive impact is quite remarkable, it has been calculated that one tonne of harvested hemp can sequester 1.62 tonnes of CO2! This is all the more remarkable when we consider that the hemp plant can be sown and harvested three times a year.

Not only does the plant itself capture CO2, but
the plant actually captures it from the atmosphere and returns it to the soil
through a process of biosequestration actively removing even more of this gas
from the atmosphere.

When it comes to Nitrous oxide, the hemp plant requires no fertiliser, so is not dependent upon artificially enriching the soil with these industrially produced chemicals, which are responsible for a large proportion of this gas.

There are some fantastically interesting businesses popping
up which are using this knowledge to try and address the environmental threat
we are facing. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, the easiest answer if
of course to reduce consumption in the first place, but this is not always

For those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, an innovative company called Brecon Hemp are offering the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint by planting hemp to sequester the CO2. Brecon Hemp help you calculate your CO2 production according to activities such as driving your car for a year, or taking an international flight for example, and provide various options to offset this carbon release against the carbon capture of the hemp grown to compensate for this.

This business is very interesting. As the concern about the
environment continues to grow and as businesses start realising their
environmental responsibilities, more and more sectors and industries will be
looking for new and innovative ways to offset their carbon budgets.

We wish this company in the beautiful Brecon beacons all the best and look forward to watching their growth and success over the coming years! Check them out next time you take a flight and see what they can offer!