We’ve been working so hard over the last few months it was great to see the sun last week and feel the promise of Spring just around the corner, and then we came down with the bump of Storm Freya! Ah well, onwards.

The last few weeks has seen us get stuck into some of the technicalities of setting up this business and try to understand some of the finer details of the licensing responsibilities and requirements of the HMRC. Let me reassure you, they are endless!

Taxes are well known to be a real limiter in the spirit industry and the rules, regulation and just the vast amount of revenue that HMRC takes from the spirit and alcohol industry generally is enormous.

Let me be clear, I am all for fair taxation to support reinvestment in communities and public services.

My concern comes from the fact that these taxation rules can be deeply punitive and restrictive for anyone trying to be innovative and try something new in this industry. A fairer approach might be to vary the level of taxation and perhaps introduce bands of taxation values to support business and allow them to grow and pay a fair proportion of their activity in taxation without putting the entire business at risk due to cashflow concerns from the very start.

Blimey, I must be getting sucked in by all this Brexit debate business (don’t get me started…).

On a far more interesting note, we have been working a lot on our design this week and Gareth our illustrator continues to develop our thinking and work his magic to bring our product to life. It’s been an eye opener to see the technicalities required to not only come up with concept designs but to adapt these to account for bottle size and tapering etc.

We are meeting with our product photography team this week so that will be really exciting. Their creative flair and eye is phenomenal and seeing as I personally have very little “artistic vision” to say the least, I am delighted to have them on board. I will speak more about them in future posts.

We received out bottle samples from France also this week. We have decided to adopt a classical bottle shape rather than rely upon a fancy bottle design or shape as we feel this might distract from the Gin itself. We are confident that the Gin will sell itself and will not need an intricate bottle to gain interest.

To be fair, there are so many decisions that need to be made at this point that it would be very easy to get sucked into a vortex of not being able to make any decisions at all! Sometimes it’s best to make a decision and move on.

On that note, I’ll update again soon.