I really want to tell you all about a meeting we had last night which has really lit our fires!

As part of our growth, and building our understanding, we are reaching out to individuals and businesses around us who are making great strides and having phenomenal success within their industries and beyond.

We believe there is so much to learn from all walks of life and all sorts of businesses, and I am a big believer in the concept of the mutual economy and supporting others along our own journey.

So last night, we met with Leane Tilley. Leane is the founder of www.ilovematchatea.co.uk.

Since 2015, Leane has committed her energy to her passion for Matcha green tea, having been inspired by a visit to Japan where she witnessed the positive energy and health experienced by the people she spoke to who swore upon the healthful benefits of Matcha green tea.

Leane has established her business and it has grown from strength to strength. Now stocked in the finest stores in the UK and exported to over 7amy countries across the world, Leanne has generated an amazing success and it was our pleasure to meet with her last night.

We spent ages exploring Leane’s thought about our business intentions, our strategy and our approach. As we had hoped, Leane was open, candid and honest and was an absolute wealth of information and contacts and advice that will help us move forward with our next phase of development.

So in summary, that was a fabulous meeting. one from which we have taken a lot of action points moving forward, thanks Leane, and we wish you all success moving forward!