1533 British Hemp Gin 5cl

With respect to the majesty of juniper, we have developed this recipe to tease out the complexity and richness of the hemp seed. Using seventeen key botanicals in delicate collaboration, from Macedonian and Italian Juniper, Indian tellicherry pepper from Kerala, sweet Spanish orange peel, and caraway seeds from Finland, we have brought to life a truly remarkable Gin.

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Tasting Notes

Smooth from the start and packed with flavour throughout. Subtly sweet citrus and soft fruit give way to a nutty roasted flavour with an aromatic pepper finish.

Nose: A clean crisp pine nose overlaid with tangy citrus extends to soft fruit with hints of peach apricot and lychee. A distinct roast nutty richness with earthy undertones balanced with spice and a hint of white chocolate.

Palate: Pine kernel and juniper notes with a clean resinous bite giving way to orange citrus and so much complexity.

Finish: Long and peppery finish balanced with floral and lavender sweetness and a final white chocolate hint.