I’ve got be really careful not to give too much away here as
I do not want to spoil the big reveal in a few weeks, but we met with our
design and photography team yesterday.

We are working with Shelley (www.oakenham.com) to develop our artwork,
our photography and our artistic thread. To witness artistic and creative
people in full flow, full of ideas and concepts and vision was really
impressive. I found it fascinating how Shelley was able to coordinate a
strategy with a vision and help us develop our thinking about what our product
represents, how we want it to be experienced and what it means to us.

This Gin feels like a real embodiment of our passion and
energy and we feel almost a parental responsibility about bringing it to life.
Shelley understood how important this is to us and helped tease out of us the
detail of what we conceive this Gin to be, what it represents and how we want
to share our vision with our customers and fellow Gin enthusiasts.

I am really excited about what is being created. We are
developing some spectacular artwork and photography to go hand in hand with our
Gin and I can’t wait to share it with you. Bare with us….it won’t be long!