The Still Doctors are really pleased to be able to announce that after a few exciting meetings, the New Lion Brewery will be stocking our 1533 as their exclusive Gin in their new bar which opened on the 10th of December!

We are proud of our collaboration with New Lion, a brewery with which we share a lot of values.

The New Lion Brewery was established in Totnes in 2013 and is run by a board of directors who are passionate about local business and sustainability. Indeed, they have established their business on the four pillars of community, innovation, sustainability and quality, something we’re sure we can all agree to aspire to!

These values are held so dearly that Mr Rob Hopkins, one of the directors of New Lion Brewery, an award winning co-founder of the Transition Network, has authored many books on local resilience. Look up Transition Network,  to learn more about this interesting project, one we believe will become increasingly impactful over the next few years as the importance of sustainability becomes evident and mainstream.

So, what can we say?  There is so much we want to tell you about this cool business! They are currently going through an exciting evolution. Having outgrown their original temporary premises on Station road in Totnes, they have recently relocated the brewery to share premises with the successful and thriving local bakery The Almond Thief at Webbers Yard in Totnes.  This has given both businesses the ability to collaborate and they are looking forward to working on exciting joint ventures, vegan food and bar events.

They are also working towards re-designing their premises to
have a granite millstone in the middle of their space in celebration of the
importance of wheat to both the brewing and baking industry. Which is just